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THON is an integral part of Alpha Xi Delta and we work together year-round to create the best experience possible for our chapter and more importantly our THON families! For those who are not familiar with what THON is, it is a yearlong student-run philanthropy committed to enhancing the loves of children and families impacted by childhood cancer, which cumulates in a 46-hour dance marathon. 

Alpha Xi Delta has the privilege of being paired with five amazing Four Diamonds families! Throughout the year, we hold a variety of events and fundraisers in order to support and raise money on behalf of our families. Some of our favorite events include our annual Family BBQ, a winter Hershey Park trip, restaurant fundraisers, workout classes, clothing sales, an end of year Gala honoring our THON children who have passed away, and so much more! 

THON is a great way for our members to get involved not only with our organization, but a meaningful cause. AXiD THON is run and organized by a group of six girls who are chosen annually. Our efforts are overseen and directed by our Overall THON Chair who works cohesively with the other positions of Family Relations Chair, Alternative Fundraising Chair, Finance Chair, Spirit Chair, and THON Chair Assistant. Below these we also have two mini-committees, which anyone can be a part of, so no matter how old you are or what pledge class you are in, there is an opportunity to be involved with Alpha Xi Delta Benefitting THON! We can't wait to welcome our new pledge class next year so they can experience all that THON has to offer! #ForTheKids

Why does Alpha Xi Delta THON? 
A letter from our 2022-2023 Overall Chair, Abby Baransky:

"THON has had a special place in my heart since I heard about a little boy in my hometown suffering from cancer. Hearing about the pain him and his family were going through absolutely broke my heart. This made me want to give back to this community more then anything. One of my good friends and I started mini THON at our high school in honor of the little boy in my town and all the other kids suffering from childhood cancer. I then continued my THON journey in college where I had the opportunity of being in the OPP THON committee, then pursuing a position as a THON chair when joining Alpha Xi Delta. Throughout my years of being a THON chair, and my other involvement with THON, I have learned so much more about what THON is really about. THON is about providing a sense of community for individuals who are encountering the constant pokes, pricks and pain as well providing a community for their family and friends as they experience this darkness. I had learned THON does not only provide support while the child is battling cancer, but THON supports the kids that suffer anxiety, depression and other lasting effects of having cancer. Being a THON chair has inspired me to be an advocate, spread awareness, educate and become a leader. I THON for our angels Lesenia, Tyler, and Hope. I THON for my mom who had battled breast cancer. I THON for a brighter future".

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 6.33.41 PM.png

Abby Baransky

PC '20, Class of 2023

College of Health and Human Development, Communication Sciences and Disorders


Christina Corti, THON Assistant

PC '22, Class of 2025

College of Health and Human Development, Communication Science and Disorders

"I have gotten the chance to see a deeper look into what philanthropy has done for others through being in Alpha Xi Delta. Since THON was soon after we were accepted as new members, my first charitable experience was seeing what Four Diamonds does for children with cancer and their families. There are countless stories, the consistency in them being that THON and Four Diamonds provided a light in these families' lives through their darkest times. Through standing with my sisters, I witnessed children who have rang the bell to signify being cancer free, and have also felt the grief of every family who mourns their angel. Getting to share this with my sisters allowed us our first bonding and sense of charity through our sorority. THON is something that reaches much farther than Penn State as it shows us as sisters and people unifying against childhood cancer. After THON, I have had the opportunity to participate in events contributing to our philanthropy, The Acres Project that have be so fun while also effective in fundraising. From what I have experienced, I look forward to more fulfilling experiences with my sisters as we work to make a difference"!

"THON is one of, if not, the biggest reasons why I love Penn State. Four Diamonds has been a part of my life since my sophomore year of high school, and my love and passion for it continues to grow. My admiration for this organization started when my family friend’s daughter, Sophia Marsicano, passed away from a rare brain tumor. Seeing how much their family went through, and that the world lost one of the most amazing little girls, really put a lot into perspective for me. Throughout their treatment, and even after, the support that Four Diamonds gave them showed me how amazing it and THON truly are, motivating me to get more involved. During my continuation of involvement in THON, my friend Jesse King was also diagnosed with cancer. This was evidence for me how cancer truly does not discriminate and it could be anyone, and inspired me even more to continue my involvement. Through every family interaction, I am reminded why I THON. For our families, the kids, the angels, and for Sophia and Jesse". 


Callan Sarfert, THON Special Events Captain for Internal THON

PC '22, Class of 2024

Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications, Public Relations and Labor and Employment Relations

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