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Our Philanthropy


The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta pride ourselves in giving back to our community through service. As of 2021, Alpha Xi Delta nationally changed our philanthropy to the Kindly Hearts Campaign. This campaign is focused around service and fundraising to help those in our local community affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Kindly Hearts Campaign allows each individual Alpha Xi Delta chapter to select a local organization to advocate for. Our chapter has specifically selected the ACRES Project! The ACRES Project is a local non-profit organization that supports a growing community designed by adults with autism for adults with autism. Our sisters have loved working with the ACRES Project! This organization has allowed us to immerse ourselves in the Autism community and become very hands on. 


This past October we were able to hold our first 5k Halloween Fun Run. This event was very successful and we raised around $9,000! Our sisters loved this event, as it was a great time to hang out with each other and members of the ACRES Project. We raffle off baskets, held Halloween costume contests, and did different crafts! In addition to this event, our sisters have also been able to go see the ACRES house! At the house, we were able to assist in making candles, learn about their aquaponics greenhouse, and hear about all the activities that they hold.

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